Programme details

PD2PI is a novel postdoctoral programme of IPC designed to foster new generation of scientists (Experienced Researchers) to become independent leaders/managers capable of working in business and/or academia.

The project will be carried out by the leading research entity with highest excellence category in Poland (A+). PD2PI offers research training programme, based on 3-i approach (i.e. intersectoral/-national/-disciplinary), in the field of broadly understood chemistry with its links to medicine/biology and physics (3-36 months). This is guaranteed by adequate training (transferable skills training included, and lecturers from both sectors of the economy) & research programme but also participation of excellent (11 research and 6 business) units from Poland and abroad. Moreover, inclusion of a tenure track into the programme creates a unique offer for postdocs.

The PD2PI fellows are free to choose research area from IChF offer and submit own interdisciplinary research proposal, which will be evaluated with participation of international experts in a transparent competition (ca. 3 calls). Each successfully selected project will be carried out within the framework of international cooperation.

Co-/mentors are well recognized in the international community (incl. ERA), with strong record in mentoring and advising. The PD2PI programme will take advantage of the best practices supporting researchers' careers. PD2PI fellows will be supported throughout the whole stay at IChF.

This unique opportunity will give a good perspective for future career.

Reasons to apply to the programme

Interdisciplinary & intersectoral research topic selected by you

“From Postdoc to PI: Future leaders of ERA” (PD2PI) is a research training programme of the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS (IPC) intended for postdoctoral fellows.

A condition of admission to the programme and a basis for evaluation is individually prepared and submitted proposal of interdiciplinary research (i.e. combaining elements of at least 2 research areas from among: chemistry, physics, biology / medicine). Projects adopting intersectoral (science2business) approach will be favoured. Succesfull candidates will conduct own studies, simultaneously participating in a training programme supporting implementation of their research project.

Possibility of a tenure track

Except from the training offer focused on training management skills, the programme of PD2PI consists of the elements of a tenure track.  The PD2PI fellows may gain experience in team leading, research project management, co-supervision & advising to junior research staff (M.Sc. and PhD - candidates). It creates a unique offer for postdocs easing their professional transfers between business and academia.

Tailor-made training programme

The PD2PI fellows will follow tailor-made training programme composed of specialized lectures/ seminars and soft-skills trainings. The basis for a framework training programme will be individual Career Development Plan (CDP) elaborated by the Fellow in collaboration with IPC mentor and a mentor from partner organization. CDP will integrate specialized lectures and seminars with tool-kits and trainings/ workshops supporting development of skills useful in both business and academia (e.g. leadership training, team & finance management, professional presentations, IT tools). Each Fellow be provided with a budget to enable implementation of CDP in real life.

Attractive fellowship conditions

The successful candidates will be offered inter alia:

  • employment contract (3 - 36 months*) – full time position,
  • attractive remuneration package,
  • secondments to the partner institutions (supporting fellow's research),
  • access to numerous interdisciplinary professional trainings (integrating specialized seminars or lectures with soft skills trainings) - in line with Individual Career Development Plans,
  • budget for trainings, business trips and consumables (up to EUR 1,400 per month),
  • other perks.

* Contract duration results from the accepted research proposal.