Guidelines for applicants

Steps to follow:

  1. Make sure that our programme is suitable for you - checking eligibility criteria.
  2. Choose a research group from IChF conducting research in the field that may interest you. Subsequently, select a mentor from this group who may support your project.
  3. Enter IChF equipment database. Make sure that we dispose of the infrastructure which is essential for your project. Under a budget of your research project you may only purchase tiny research apparatus. If IChF does not have a specific infrastructure you need, try to select partner who may supplement our equipment.
  4. Outline your research project following proposal template. Next, contact your chosen IChF mentor, introduce yourself to them, your research project and ask for a supporting letter (template). You may also seek advice from them who may be best partner for this project.
  5. Contact a co-mentor from an IChF partner organization or select your own. Addtionally, you may invite a partner from the business sector to be involved in your project. Ask the selected co-mentor to sign a supporting letter (template). Make sure that the country of origin of your co-mentor is not the country in which you spent more than 12 months in the last 3 years (see “Mobility rule”).
  6. Work out your proposal in detail and prepare project abstract (up to 1,500 characters).
  7. Prepare CV with all information specified here.
  8. If you wish to increase your chances to join the programme - ask an independent researcher you collaborate with for references, and contact company which may supplement your research to agree the details and sign letter of intent.
  9. Check if you have all documents specified here.
  10. Use submission module to send your application.
  11. Check regularly your e-mail for further information.

If you still lack details - check our Guide for applicants.

For short condensed PD2PI project version - check PD2PI outline.

We are wishing you good luck!