PD2PI programme

While carrying out own research project, the PD2PI fellows will, simultaneously, follow tailor-made training programme. The programme will be based on an individual Career Development Plan (CDP).

The training programme will support development of the PD2PI fellows and their transition from post-docs to PIs (Principal Investigators), capable of setting own research agenda and own research group. Personal development towards alternative career paths (e.g. head of R&D unit, founder of own company) are also welcome.

The individual training programme will be elaborated after admission of the candidate to the programme by the PD2PI fellow with cooperation with his/her mentor and co-mentor(s).

PD2PI framework programme

1 The cutting edge of science – specialised lectures
2 Cyclical interdisciplinary lectures
3 Training programme stimulating cross-sectoral approach in science
4 Tool-kits – advanced hands-on training on research techniques
5 Courses on transferable knowledge & skills
6 Hands-on soft skills training on mentoring and team management
7 National, international & intersectoral conferences/workshops – in line with CDP
8 Advanced classes of scientific English*
9 Polish language course*
10 Possible other venues if in line with individual CDPs, incl. Leadership initiative

* Optional classes.