Application documents

If you want to apply to PD2PI please use application module. The following documents and information will be required:

Name, surname & contact details

e-mail, phone number, current or last workplace

Research abstract

up to 1,500 characters

Research proposal

Applicants to PD2PI are requested to propose their own interdisciplinary research project which they intend to carry out during their fellowship. We advice you to use a Research proposal template.

In your proposal the following sections must be followed:

  1. description of research project (up to 5 pages), incl.:
    • project objectives,
    • reasons for the selection of a research topic,
    • explanation of originality and innovative nature of the project,
    • explanation of interdisciplinary approach applied to the project,
    • research tasks and schedule,
    • explanation of research methods used and required equipment specification,
    • list of key actors involved and their role, incl. indication of at least 1 mentor from IChF who supports the candidate & 1 co-mentor from another research organisation. Additional partner from the business sector is not necessary but is an added value to the project (see evaluation criteria). If the selected co-mentor does not originate from IChF partner organizations – describe as well research profile and experience of a co-mentor relevant for the project.
    • ethical self-assessment form;
  2. budget table, justification and explanation of the costs;
  3. a list of indispensable research infrastructure required to carry out the project – database of IChF research infrastructure is available;
  4. explanation of intersectoral approach applied to the project,
  5. progress beyond the state of the art and expected impact,
  6. literature.


CV should contain the following information:

  1. description of the course of your career in academia & other sectors,
  2. description of international experience,
  3. indication of countries of residence,
  4. list of most relevant publications,
  5. list of patents, industrial and utility design applications or granted rights – if applicable,
  6. list of research and/or application projects – if applicable.

Letters of support

At least 2 letters of support are requested - i.e. from:

We recommend you to use provided templates of the letters.

Additional partner from the business sector is not necessary but is an added value to the project (see evaluation criteria).

PhD diploma or other documents proving 4-year full time research experience

Please attach a scan of your PhD diploma or a formal document stating the scheduled date of PhD thesis defence prior to the  deadline of the call.

Alternatively, you may submit documents stating that prior to the deadline of the call you have had at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience.


Opinion(s) of an independent researcher on a candidate is not obligatory, but if delivered – a basis for additional scores (see assessment criteria).