STAGE 1: Publication of the call

The application process starts with the announcement of the call. Online application module is open for the whole duration of the call (ca. 6 weeks). The application module will be closed at 12 a.m. local time (GMT+1) on the last day of the closing date of the call. Only in case of application module failure, applicants can submit their documents using the following e-mail: pd2pi|ichf.edu.pl| |pd2pi|ichf.edu.pl.

STAGE 2: Preparation of the application

A candidate for PD2PI should become acquainted with the required documents set out in the Application Documents section. The online application module requires giving the following information:

  • personal data (incl. valid e-mail address)
  • selection of a mentor from IChF (supporting letter is required)
  • selection of partner organization and a co-mentor (supporting letter is required)
  • candidate's current / recent place of employment
  • CV
  • proposal abstract
  • full proposal
  • scan of PhD diploma or complementary document
  • references - if applicable
  • declaration that the candidate fulfils Mobility criterion
  • declaration that the candidate is experienced researcher (PhD of 4 years full-time equivalent research experience prior to the deadline to the call)
  • consent to the processing of the candidate's personal data for the purpose of the competition.

CAUTION: Under a single call a candidate may submit only one proposal supported by a given mentor from IChF.

STAGE 3: Submission of the application

The candidate applies for admission to From Postdoc to PI: the future leaders of ERAprogramme (PD2PI)" via application module. Only in case of application module malfunctioning the candidate may send application using e-mail address: pd2pi|ichf.edu.pl| |pd2pi|ichf.edu.pl. In this case a relevant information will be posted on main webpage of PD2PI.

After submitting the application form and attaching all necessary documents, the applicant will receive confirmation of their submission.

Online application form will automatically be closed at 12 a.m. local time (GMT+1) on the last day for submitting applications.

All correspondence (including notifications of the results) with the candidates will take place solely by e-mail. The candidate shall ensure that provided e-mail address is correct and that e-mail is checked regularly (including spam folder).

STAGE 4: Evaluation of the submitted documents

The submitted documents are evaluated against:

The documents specified under the link: Application Documents can be a subject of supplements in case of any doubts of consistency with the criteria. In this case, the candidate is requested to deliver supplements within the period of not longer than 7 calendar days (calculated from the next day after sending the request for supplementation).

PD2PI Project-Support-Office evaluates applications against eligibility criteria. Only applications fulfilling eligibility criteria are liable to further evaluation, i.e. evaluation against the substantive criteria. This evaluation is made by 2 International External Experts who give scores independently. In case of huge discrepancies (i.e. >=25 pts. in relation to a single project) between reviews of the same proposal, an additional reviewer will be selected. The average score will determine the candidate’s location on ranking list. The candidates who received at least 60 pts. will be invited for interviews.

STAGE 5: Zoom Interviews with top-scoring applicants

At this stage documents are no longer evaluated. The candidates are invited to take part in interviews being subject for the assessment against other substantive criteria. The interviews will be conducted remotedly (using Zoom communicator or similar).

Each applicant will be evaluated by two International External Experts and 1-2 Polish External Experts. The experts give scores independently. The interview may also be attended by an impartial observer and IPC Selection Committee responsible for the organization of the whole evaluation system.

The average score will determine the candidate’s location on final ranking list. Only candidates with min. 70 pts. may be offered a postdoctoral position provided that a single mentor’s capacity is not exceeded.

STAGE 6: Preliminary and final ranking list

After the interviews, the Project-Support-Office prepares a single preliminary ranking list and informs the candidates of their assessment (feedback).

Final ranking list with names of candidates appointed to the PD2PI project is announced after closing an appeal proceedings. The successful candidates are informed by the Project-Support-Office. Under a single call each candidate may be appointed only to one project.

A successful candidate should begin the enrolment before the end of 2022.

STAGE 7: Successful candidates

The Project-Support-Office informs the successful candidates on their positive assessment and admission to the PD2PI programme (feedback).

Appeal proceedings

After completing each stage of evaluation, all applicants will be informed about results of the evaluation.  Unsuccessful candidates have the right to appeal against the results of each stage.

The appeal should be submitted to the IChF Director within 7 calendar days from the date of the receipt of the feedback information. If you wish to appeal please use an e-mail: pd2pi|ichf.edu.pl| |pd2pi|ichf.edu.pl. Your appeal will be transferred to the IChF Director. Please indicate in your appeal evaluation criteria under which you consider the evaluation was done improperly and justify your reasons.

The Director may examine the appeal directly or may call an auxiliary consultancy body (Appeal Committee), ensuring presence of appropriate experts. The Director may also call other reviewers (e.g. if in doubt of impartiality of any member of evaluation committees). In all cases you will receive answer signed by the IChF Director.

The decision of IChF Director is final.