COST Action Chemobrionics Pisa Meeting 2022

COST Action Chemobrionics Pisa Meeting 2022
07 09

Frantisek Muzika attended the COST Action Chemobrionics Pisa Meeting 2022 which focused on the topics such as the formation of chemical gardens and possible origins of life, genes and information processing. 

Frantisek presented his recent research in the poster titled “ Electro-magnetic influence on BZ assemblages of ferroin loaded Dowex beads”   

During the conference, the attendees could listen to an exciting presentation by Frederico Rossi on vesicles and tunable reactor as prerequisites to achieve the creation of artificial cells. This theme can be used in Fratisek’s research of chemical computers/ classifiers based on glycolysis. The conference program also contained an exciting presentation about controlling the self-assembly chemical fuels during era of early Earth by Jan Spitzer. The last day of the conference was the most exciting from the point of closing to deny the theory of Pansperma. While Michaell Russel showed the formation of chemicals both now and during era of early Earth from the point of view of “exhaust” (products of reaction), which runs the life, a PhD student Loaraine Schwander showed the result of the formation of organic matter required to form more complex molecules (pyruvate) in 30 minutes under 100°C from just CO2 and H2. Pyruvate was originally found in meteorites and thus supported the theory of Pansperma.


04-08 September 2022


Pisa, Italy


Prof. Gaetano Angelici, University of Pisa (CHEMOBRIONICS COST Action)

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