Dream Chemistry Lecture series

Dream Chemistry Lecture series
23 09

PD2PI fellows are invited to IPC PAS Seminar within Dream Chemistry Lecture series delivered by:

Prof. Dr. Dominik Munz,

Saarland University, Germany

“Bond Activation with Zwitterions and Photochemistry with Biradicals"


Thursday, the 23rd September, 10 am, via Zoom

link to join zoom seminar:


Meeting ID: 966 6268 8026

Passcode: 896107


Conjugated zwitterions and biradicals are well-known as transient intermediates in photochemistry.  Such molecules are also found in interstellar space and in molecular clouds. Indeed, these seemingly different classes of molecules share related electronic structures.  Yet, little is known about how to render them stable under ambient conditions and how to harness their peculiar properties for specific applications. 

In this talk, I will present how to use carbenes as ligands to stabilize zwitterionic metal complexes, namely nitrene and imido complexes of the late transition metals.  I will then show how these strongly polarized compounds are of use for the activation of strong bonds in catalysis and functional group transfer.  Complementary, I will illustrate how carbenes tame biradicals and tailor their excited energy landscape.  Thus, we have explored carbene control to engineer molecules for application as singlet-fission- and two-photon absorption materials.