Schematic plot of a system with a movable wall.

Translocation Dynamics of High-Internal Phase Double Emulsions in Narrow Channels

Andrea Montessori, Adriano Tiribocchi, Michał Bogdan, Fabio Bonaccorso, Marco Lauricella, Jan Guzowski, Sauro Succi

Langmuir, 2021


We numerically study the translocation dynamics of double emulsion drops with multiple close-packed inner droplets within constrictions. Such liquid architectures, which we refer to as HIPdEs (high-internal phase double emulsions), consist of a ternary fluid, in which monodisperse droplets are encapsulated within a larger drop in turn immersed in a bulk fluid. Extensive two-dimensional lattice Boltzmann simulations show that if the area fraction of the internal drops is close to the packing fraction limit of hard spheres and the height of the channel is much smaller than the typical size of the emulsion, the crossing yields permanent shape deformations persistent over long periods of time. Morphological changes and rheological response are quantitatively assessed in terms of the structure of the velocity field, circularity of the emulsion, and rate of energy dissipated by viscous forces. Our results may be used to improve the design of soft mesoscale porous materials, which employ HIPdEs as templates for tissue engineering applications.

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