Schematic plot of a system with a movable wall.

Chemical Memory with Discrete Turing Patterns Appearing in the Glycolytic Reaction

Jerzy Gorecki, Frantisek Muzika

Biomimetics, 2023


Memory is an essential element in information processing devices. We investigated a network formed by just three interacting nodes representing continuously stirred tank reactors (CSTRs) in which the glycolytic reaction proceeds as a potential realization of a chemical memory unit. Our study is based on the 2-variable computational model of the reaction. The model parameters were selected such that the system has a stable limit cycle and several distinct, discrete Turing patterns characterized by stationary concentrations at the nodes. In our interpretation, oscillations represent a blank memory unit, and Turing patterns code information. The considered memory can preserve information on one of six different symbols. The time evolution of the nodes was individually controlled by the inflow of ATP. We demonstrate that information can be written with a simple and short perturbation of the inflow. The perturbation applies to only one or two nodes, and it is symbol specific. The memory can be erased with identical inflow perturbation applied to all nodes. The presented idea of pattern-coded memory applies to other reaction networks that allow for discrete Turing patterns. Moreover, it hints at the experimental realization of memory in a simple system with the glycolytic reaction.

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